Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sample Models for Rendering

If you're a SketchUp designer who is just learning to render or you're a seasoned artist who wants to try out more advanced techniques, download our ready-to-render sample models from the 3D Warehouse. 
These SketchUp models are pre-set to produce a beautifully rendered image using the IRender nXt SketchUp rendering plugin. The Information Page in each will tell you the settings used to create the special effects in the model. Study the settings to learn the effect, then try some variations of your own.

Effects shown in our latest samples include: 
  • Water reflection on concrete surface 
  • Lighting channels for precision control of interior and exterior lights.
Check out all the models in our collection on  the 3D Warehouse. If you have questions, you'll find help and advice in our User Forum.

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