Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Use Lighting Channels to Fine Tune Your Rendered Image

Getting your rendering just right is what every designer wants. Getting your lighting right, is a big part of a great rendering. But it can be hard to get every light in your design set just the way you want it before you render your image. IRender nXt solves this challenge with its powerful Lighting Channels feature.

Lighting Channels allows you to adjust the intensity individual lights (or groups of lights) after the rendering process is complete. These adjustments and other changes are made to the post-rendered image using the Lighting Channels icon on the IRender Toolbar.
  • Create Nighttime scene by switching off the sun, and lowering the intensity of the sky
  • Adjust intensity of lights assigned to lighting channels
  • Set intensity of "self-glow" LCD panels and monitors
  • Quickly fine tune lighting effects without having to re-render your model
Watch our Lighting Channels video tutorial to learn how to get the most out of this powerful feature.