Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why should use choose IRender nXt?

We make it easy for you to create top quality renderings.

  • Create professionally rendered drawings your clients will love.
    You use SketchUp to make great models. Photorealistic renderings from  IRender nXt will show them at their best.
  • Easy to use, so you can spend less time rendering and more time modeling.
    By saving all your settings in SketchUp, it is easy to render the first time, and re-render quickly if you change your model.
  • Add more to your profit margins with our easy to use, professional rendering tool.
    Showing your rendered designs to clients will bring you more business more quickly.
  • You can make great renderings  right out of the box.
    If you can draw it in SketchUp, we will render it.   (Many rendering add-ons can't handle special items like section planes, images, faces with materials on both sides, Photo-Match materials, etc.

    Our default lighting scheme creates subtle shadows and top notch renderings - even before you add lights, reflective materials and other special features.

  • We are there for you with help and support.
    If you have questions or problems, just let us know. We, and other IRender nXt users are very quick to respond to the forum, and can usually solve your problems and get you on your way.

    You probably won't get everything perfect the first time, but we make it easy to start with a good rendering ant then make changes to make it better.
    Roman bath image courtesy of Richcat