Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why did we create IRender nXt?

Why did we create IRender nXt?

We saw a way to enhance SketchUp with PhotoRealistic Rendering

When we first tried SketchUp, we saw how easy it was to create 3D models, and saw how easy it was to visualize 3D models. We felt that by adding PhotoRealistic Rendering to SketchUp - with lights, shadows, reflections, skies, and other rendering features - we could make SketchUp even better. 

So we contacted McNeel and Associates who had the top renderer for AutoCAD, Revit and Rhino - AccuRender -, and they agreed that we could integrate AccuRender into SketchUp.

The rest is history - We have fully integrated AccuRender nXt into SketchUp as IRender nXt. You can now use the latest version of this rendering engine, IRender nXt, to enhance your SketchUp models with PhotoRealistic Renderings.