Thursday, April 2, 2009

RpTreeMaker Press Release

We have been sending out information about RpTreeMaker to blogs, newsletters and magazines which cover SketchUp. Anyone who reads this and runs a blog, etc. should go ahead and post this release, and also email us at to let us know about your publication so we can let you know when other Press Releases are ready.

Render Plus announces RpTreeMaker, a free add-on for Google SketchUp.

RpTreeMaker tree placed as an image in SketchUp and rendered wi


RpTreeMaker is a new, free, product to create realistic, fractal trees and place them into the SketchUp mode as always-face-camera components. Parameters such as:
  • Tree Type
  • Number of Trunks
  • Bending
  • Crookedness
  • Leaf Type,
  • etc.
let the user easily create custom trees for use in SketchUp models.
For more information see: RpTreeMaker

Render Plus System

Render Plus Systems is a software development group in Centennial, Colorado devoted to adding functionality to Google SketchUp. We try to fill in any gaps in SketchUp which the Google development team has overlooked.

We started out with two products - RPS 3D PDF - which lets SketchUp users create interactive 3D PDF documents from SketchUp drawings - and RpTools which started out as a set of routines to make it easier to place and manipulate components - especially for new users using components from the 3D Warehouse to fill rooms and other spaces.

Our most popular product is IRender nXt, is an integrated photorealistic renderer for SketchUp. Using lights, reflective materials, plants and RPC 3D Objects, the SketchUp user can create high quality renderings from the SketchUp model.
Check out all the Render Plus products for SketchUp products at: SketchUp Products

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