Monday, March 30, 2009

More on eZ

We got asked: What is this EZ, btw? Is it specifically design with SU collaboration in mind?

eZ is a bunch of neat stuff - basically for sharing CAD drawings. We have recently added SketchUp to it as one of its CAD formats, and are just about ready to announce it to the SketchUp community.

eZ Meeting is an easy way to collaborate on a CAD drawing in a Net Meeting like environment. The cleverest thing is that the CAD data is downloaded to all participants machines, so when you spin or zoom on the drawing, the same drawing is redisplayed quickly on each machine - rather that having to transmit the pixel changes from the screen - like in Net Meeting. Also, as each collaborator adds notations and comments to the model, they are all saved back to the eZ file which is being shared.

eZ SketchBook is a non-meeting version of the same thing. It lets you create a document containing SketchUp and/or other CAD files, images and other documents, and "mark up" on them. (highlights, arrows, notes, etc.). However instead of doing it interactively with the other party, you send them the document, and let them view it and/or add comments and return it to you.

eZ Free is a free version of eZ SketchBook to get people interested. Hopefully, they will want to pay a small amount for the more powerful version.


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