Wednesday, September 9, 2015

RPCs for SketchUp Announcement

RPS Street 800.gif
ArchVision and Render Plus are pleased to announce new products supporting RPC in your SketchUp workflow.
ArchVision recently released an RPC Plug-in for SketchUp that makes placing RPCs directly in your SketchUp model a snap. After installing the plug-in, simply click on the RPC Selection button in SketchUp and browse from thousands of RPCs available with an RPC Subscription license.
ArchVision RPC subscription licenses provide access to thousands of render-ready photorealistic People, Trees & Plants, Automobiles and other Objects for as little as $249 per year. RPC is supported natively or via plug-in in the world's leading design visualization solutions including Autocad, Revit, 3ds Max, Microstation, FormZ, Rhino, Modo, and now SketchUp!
The RPC Plug-in provides you with the ability to switch from "Model" to "Preview" mode for image-based RPCs (2D, 2.5D, 3D & 3.5D) displaying a single, camera-facing RPC directly in the SketchUp model. When you're ready to take your renderings to another level add one of Render Plus' external renderers to the mix for full RPC rendering support.
Render Plus has updated the full line of SketchUp renderers (3D Design Studio, IRender nXt, and ArielVision) to fully support RPC rendering including 3D+ RPCs such as automobiles. As you can see from the image above, the ease of adding photorealistic RPC architectural entourage and rendering with a Render Plus renderer can bring new life to your SketchUp renderings.
For a limited time, Render Plus has a special offer for RPC users. Customers can purchase an ArielVision subscription to render RPCs for half price - just $6.00 per month, (or get a $6.00 per month discount on other Render Plus rendering products, 3D Design Studio and IRender nXt) if purchased before September 30, 3015.
Everything you need to get started with RPC in SketchUp can be found here. To learn more about using RPCs with ArielVision and IRender nXt click here .