Friday, August 15, 2014

3D Design Studio

Render Plus has combined all of their SketchUp plugin and add-ons into a single package - the 3D Design Studio.

This is a comprehensive package of plugins and add-ons for SketchUp to provide the tools you need for creation of 3D scenes, renderings, reporting and client presentations.
The 3D Design Studio includes:
  • 3D Tools - for placement and editing of components and other objects into your 3D model.
  • Photorealistic Renderings - using our IRender/nXtRender rendering engine
  • Attributes and Custom Reports - on items placed in your 3D model.
  • Interactive 3D PDFs - for viewing your model on your website and PDF files.
  • Non-Photorealistic Rendering - Sketchy, Soft, Shadows, and more
If you are creating 3D models - Buildings, Landscapes, 3D structures, Products, for sale, etc., - then the 3D Design Studio has the tools you need to work productively and to present your designs to your clients.