Friday, May 9, 2014

Studio Rendering Sample

We have a client who is trying to produce Studio Quality renderings of furniture much like this.
(This is a photograph.)

Table photo.jpg

I pointed out that IRender nXt has Studio Rendering defaults that make renderings like this fairly easy.

He produced a quick rendering, and got this result.

Client table.jpg

I pointed out that the absence if shadow in the floor made me think that the ground plane was not turned on, since the Studio Rendering defaults should automatically cast shadows.

He sent me his model, and I made two quick changes.

I chose the Studio Preset and I made sure that the ground plane was trend on, and sun and sky were turned off.

Studio preset.jpg

And I right-clicked in the table top and chose the default reflective material setting.

Reflective default.jpg 

Then I created a quick rendering. (20 passes)

Solid timber table-20.jpg

To smooth out the reflections and shadows, I then let the rendering continue for 200 passes.
(With IRender nXt, more and more passes just create a better rendering.)

Solid timber table-200.jpg

We both realized that the rendering would look even better if he added bevels to the edges of the wood.

Any advice from other users would be appreciated. You can add comments to our forum:

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