Friday, March 7, 2014


Lighting is an important aspect of a Photorealistic rendering.

There are three basic types of lighting from the sun and sky, lighting from artificial lights, and indirect lighting reflected from surfaces in your model.

Indirect light is bounced (or reflected) off something else and onto an object. Most surfaces reflect a proportion of light that falls onto it.

Use the following guidelines when lighting your model:
  • Provide accurate information whenever possible. Avoid using unrealistic intensity levels for light sources.
  • Adjust the overall brightness of your rendering by using the Brightness control on the Render Display Window . Do not attempt to adjust the overall scene brightness by changing the intensity of all of the light sources. nXt's automatic exposure adjustment will be working against you if you attempt to do this.
IRender nXt automatically processes illumination and shadows from the SketchUp sun and from the sky. You can add additional lights to the model - especially for interior scenes for more realistic effects.

Lighting Channels

Lighting Channels lets you quickly adjust light sources. By assigning channels to sun, sky, and groups of lights, you can quickly adjust the intensity of each channel with a slidebar and immediately see the effect on the final rendering.

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