Wednesday, February 26, 2014

IRender nXt Review

I want to thank everyone who has added a review to the IRender nXt page on the SketchUp Extensions page. I think it helps prospective users to be able to see what others think about a product.

Here is a recent review by Dieter J

I use Render nXt with Sketchup Pro and it not only does the rendering very well, it provides improvement to Sketchup that other wise wouldn't be there. for example changing materials with only the Sketchup material editor becomes laborious if the material is within a grouped object. Much easier to do using the Render nXt material editor. Al and Richard are responsive to providing solutions when problems when I have had some and to adding features that I have requested. They are approachable. For example I was getting borders around rendered images that I had to then crop away. They determined it was the white background image I was using and gave me a link to a graphics editor that allowed a borderless white page to be produced as a jpg file. I asked for a way to save a view so that one could make changes and then always return to that view. Bingo, the new View Wizard was produced, found under the Rendering Tab.

I produce design illustration related to our hot tubs, saunas and thermal solar products. Many of my Sketchup files are huge (some approaching 100MB), because of the detail contained within them. While some of these can take their time to save and complete the rendering process, I never found that Render nXt hangs. If there is a problem it will be Sketchup itself that hiccups. Keep up the good work Al and Richard!

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