Tuesday, January 28, 2014

View Wizard for SketchUp

I'm pretty excited about this new feature Rich has put together for IRender nXt.

The View Wizard makes it easy to save SketchUp Views, share them between models, and use them for rendering.

Street Light View.jpg

The really exciting features are:

1. Load a view which was automatically stored in the JPG Image you saved after rendering.
  • This make it easy to restore a view form a previous rendering, even if the view is not currently saved in your SketchUp model.
 2. Render in s saved view, even though it is not the current SketchUp View.
  • This makes it easy to adjust lights, etc. which are not even visible in the current view, and then re-render without having to switch views. You can zoom in on the light, but re-render the desired view.
3. Load a view saved with one model into a different model
  • How often have you wished you could easily share views between different versions of the same model, or between similar models. Just save the view in one model and load it in the second model.
 4. Save default views in a "dummy" model of standard views and quickly load them into other models.
  •  This is especially great it you have a few favorite views you like to use for rendering.
Standard Views.jpg

For more information, see:  View Wizard

or download the latest version of IRender nXt.