Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Request for help with some rendering tip blogs

We often run rendering tip blogs, and would like you to help us make some if you are interested. If you put together a blog with about 4 images explaining something about how to render with IRender nXt or nXtRender, and we are able to use it on our blog and/or in our newsletters, we will offer you 1/2 off on your new renewal of IRender nXt or nXtRender. (And if you make two, you can get the renewal for free) And, of course, you will get exposure on our blog site with your name, company, etc.

(These are from the SketchUp version - but should give you and idea of what we have in mind)

Here is a very long blog we created: (15 images)

Bathroom vanity-glossry.jpg

Here is a more typical one (4 images)

If you would like participate, send you ideas, or the whole blog to al.hart -AT- renderplus.com