Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Version of BiMUp 5D is Now Available

BiMUp has published its latest version of BiMUp 5D and it is ready for download

BiMUp 5D – New Version MA10bm5 is Now Available – Click to follow the link
  1. Added a Sub-Total option for reports
  2. Added a Map Attributes dialog to allow attributes from other component libraries to be easily reported in BiMUp 5D
  3. Added check boxes Show Active, Show DC Components, and Show All Settings to the Define Attributes dialog, to make the dialog easier to use
  4. Added right click edits to the Define Attributes dialog, to more easily edit attributes
  5. Added a routine to always check a models attributes before any right click, to properly get all attributes before the Edit dialog is opened
  6. Added a ‘Show All Available $ attributes’ on Define Attributes dialog when ‘Show Inactive’ is checked
  7. Added a routine to always save all attributes definition in the model, even if they are not on for View, Edit or Report
  8. Added a routine which do not report on Groups without Names and without Attributes: Changed $name, $dname to always return something (e.g. ‘(Group)’ ) besides a blank name ($iname can return a blank name)
  9. Fixed a bug with setting the Title and Caption for the report