Monday, October 1, 2012

New Features in IRender nXt

A user sent us this query:

"I received an email about renewing IRender nXt which says: "new features include" but lists nothing. What, if any, are the new features?"

We add new features and bug fixes almost every month. The most recent new features are:

September 2012

Added a new tool to download Render Ready components from the 3D Warehouse. In the initial version we posted several lights, mirrors,and trees to see how this will work for you.

Added a Restart Rendering button to the toolbar, to quickly restart a rendering, only sending the changes for Materials and Rendering Options.

August 2012

Added a tool to the Options Light tab and toolbar, "Query and Find Lights in Model", to identify, help to locate, and edit all of the lights in a model.

July 2012:

Added a Sample Drawing dialog for new users to download models which demonstrate various rendering solutions

Added "Automatically include all Lighting Channels" check box.

Full List
All of these features and bug fixes are listed here: