Thursday, October 18, 2012

Basecamp 2012 - BIM, Attributes and Reports

At SketchUp Basecamp this year presented ideas on attributes and reporting from SketchUp models - both using SpaceDesign, and together with our partner BimUP with whom we are creating special modelling and reporting capabilities for the Construction Marketplace.

There was much talk among the participants about BIM and about adding additional information to SketchUp models to make the smart and ready for calculations, reporting, etc.

Bimup and spacedesign.jpg 
SpaceDesign is designed to make it easier to place components, view and edit attributes stored with the components and create reports. This powerful plugin lets you choose attributes from other sources such as Dynamic Component Attributes or attributes from model creaters such as Igloo and easily include them in your reports.
You are able to perform both simple, (such as quantity * weight for total weight), or complex (such as cost calculated at different raster based on quantity, or rounded up to package sizes) as part of your reports.
BimUP uses similar reporting technology on items used in construnction - walls, foundations, beams, etc. - to generate the information you an get from an intelligent model.