Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Toolbar Functions

The New versions of IRender nXt have some new toolbar functions which you may want to try out.

Check our Restart Rendering (  Refresh 36.png   ) for faster re-rendering when there are no component changes, and the new IRender Ready Component loader ( Render ready.png  ) for downloading or creating lamps and mirrors, or downloading trees.

IRender Main.jpg

(Click on any item for documentation)
  • IR24.png IRender Info - start up settings and general information.
  • Render24.PNG Start Ray Trace - starts a new ray trace of your current model and settings.
  • Refresh 36.png  Restart Rendering - start a new rendering with settings changes only. (Do not extract and reload the geometry.)
  • RenderFarm.png Render Farm (if installed) - start Render Farm for rendering
  • Irender Image edit.png nXt Image Editor - Edit nXt Image.
  • Setup24.PNG IRender nXt Options - Render window size, render quality, etc.
  • Render ready.png IRender Ready Load a lamp, mirror or tree from the ]]3D Warehouse]] or create a lamp, or a light fixture.
  • Paint 24.png Material Placement - Select and Edit materials and place them directly into components.
  • New matl24.PNG Create Material - make a new SketchUp material from an .ArMaterial material.
  • Layers 24.png Image Layer Wizard - position or adjust foreground or background images.
  • New plant24.PNG Create Plant - create a SketchUp component from an AccuRender Plant. The component will automatically render as a Fractal Plant.
  • Load sample icon.jpg Load Sample models.
  • Movie24.PNG Animation - create movies, or batch images from SketchUp animation pages.
  • Rpc24.PNG RPC - load RPC object into SketchUp model.
  • Help24.PNG Help - load the on-line Help pages.