Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rainy Night in Ypsilanti

MuseumMaker has a nice rendering of a SketchUp model of the Chick Inn in Ypsilanti on his blog: Sketching Ypsi


We asked him if we could use his model to make samples for our new Volumetric Fog feature in IRender nXt. Here are the results:

(They obviously turned on more
  lights because it was such a foggy night. ;) )


One of the other nice features for a nighttime scene like this was the use of Lighting Channels. I was able to assign separate channels to groups of lights, and then balance them while rendering and after the rendering was complete. This is much easier than having to change the intensity of the lights and re-render to see the effect.


Here is a photo of the actual Drive Inn:  (See: Michigan Exposures)