Thursday, August 20, 2009

RPS 3D PDF review

This site has posted a review of RPS 3D PDF:

Software Informer

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With the Render Plus Systems RPS 3D PDF Exporter software you can convert SketchUp files into 3D PDF files. There are many advantages in converting SketchUp files. If these documents are in 3D PDF files, then they can easily be sent to clients or others in an email or published and posted on a website.

Having 3D models on your website is good for marketing reasons, and that is now easily done with the Render Plus Systems RPS 3D PDF Exporter program. The models can also be interactive and these interactive models can be sent to anyone you want to in a PDF file.

The program lets you and other users work with the converted 3D models. All recipients of a 3D model can zoom in on points, pan and spin it so that they can examine it in detail. There is no way for the recipients to change the 3D PDF documents, though.

With the Render Plus Systems RPS 3D PDF Exporter you can also create U3D files from your SketchUp documents. These are then used together with Adobe Acrobat and even more complex models can be made for web pages or whatever other purpose.

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