Saturday, March 21, 2009

nXt for Revit released for production

nXt for Revit - our version of IRender nXt for the Revit engine has now been released.

We have now moved nXt for Revit from Beta test mode to Production mode.

We recognize that there will continue to be bug fixes, improvements to the base engine, and to the interface, and that is why we are offering the production version to our testers for less than 1/2 of the final price. (See Purchase)

We have created a good rendering engine for Revit, and have fixed most of the bugs which our Beta Testers have reported. nXt for Revit is producing good renderings now.

We feel that the product is ready for release to the general public, and have released it.

We appreciate the work the testers have put into helping us define a product which is useful for the Revit community.

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