Sunday, February 8, 2009

RpWallMaker - free add-on for SketchUp


RpWallMaker is a free add-on for Google SketchUp (Windows only for now - we should have the Mac version tested in a week or so) to create wide walls (3D walls with thickness), edit them and cut holes in them.

The custom walls are generated by drawing the center line of the wall in SketchUp.

Download and Installation

  1. Proceed to Downloads to download a copy of RpWallMaker.
  2. After downloading the ZIP file, click Click to install to install it.
  3. After Starting SketchUp, Select 'RpWallMaker from the Plugins menu.


Define and Place Wall

  1. Click the first - Define and Place Wall - icon on the toolbar.
  2. Set width and heights as desired.
  3. Using the cursor select points for the center line of the wall.
    (You may use the VCB - Value Control Box) to enter exact lengths after starting the wall in the proper direction.

Cut an Opening

Cut Opening Component

  1. Place an opening on the wall
    (SketchUp will glue it properly to the outside face of the wall.
  2. Right click on the opening and select Cut Opening in Wall
  3. The opening is cut through both faces of the wide wall.

Empty Opening

  1. Click the second - Cut an Opening - icon on the toolbar.
  2. Set width and height of the opening as desired.
  3. Click Place and place the opening cursor on the wall.
  4. The opening is cut through both faces of the wide wall.

Edit a Wall

  1. To edit a wall, right click on the wall and select 'Edit Wall. You can change the height or width of the wall.
  2. If you wand to change the end conditions (how the wall intersects with other walls), you will have to erase the wall and place it again.

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