Friday, April 7, 2017

SketchUp GPU Rendering

A lot of people are interested in using the power of the GPU they use for SketchUp to increase the speed of rendering as well.

Check out this article on GPU Rendering and SketchUp Plugins which can use your GPU.

SketchUp GPU Rendering

Sample GPU Rendering

What is GPU rendering? 

GPU rendering means, that there is used the power of GPU (Graphics card) for rendering, instead of CPU (processor).
Conventional CPUs (Intel, AMD) didn’t make such dramatic progress, like GPUs in last 10 years. What is GPU rendering – NVIDIA article.
GPU rendering is definitely the future of rendering. One single customer GPU has the same power as the huge and expensive Features selection in reflections computer clusters with many CPUs.
GPU rendering is incredibly fast and less power hungry. Since you will need fewer computers for the same performance, it is also much CHEAPER.
Read more: SketchUp GPU Rendering                     What is GPU rendering – NVIDIA article.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ground Plane textures and Skies for SketchUp

SketchUp models will look better if you add a textured ground plane and/or a background sky.

Here is an easy way to do it - and place your SketchUp model in front of the new background.

For more information see: SketchUp Ground Plane

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

New, Fast Batch Extractor

The new, fast, Batch Extractor, extracts your SketchUp Geometry directly inside of the IRender Batch window, rather than inside SketchUp using Ruby.

Extract Time Inprovements

Our tests had shown that is is 5, 10 or even 20 times faster for extracting the geometry than our old Ruby extractor. (The bigger the model, the more improvement you will see.)
It is currently available in Beta Test mode in the latest versions of IRender nXt , ArielVision and 3D Design Studio which you can download here Downloads Page.

Improved Extraction Times Only

Your rendering times, (after extraction), will be the same.
But the Batch Extractor can greatly improve the time spent before the rendering passes start.


After downloading the latest version of the SketchUp Extension, bring up the Render Setup Tab, and check "Use external extractor"


Report any problems to:

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Monday, August 22, 2016

* More videos from the Dutch Sims 4 Master

The Dutch Sims 4 Master has sent us more videos on using IRender nXt

Check them out on our Videos Page at the bottom

Thursday, June 30, 2016

IRender nXt Renderings - Daylight to Dusk

Post processing renderings of SketchUp models can be accomplished in a variety of ways. With IRender nXt methods that permit adjustments to renderings are included. Make changes to your renderings:
  1. Immediately after a rendering is finished
  2. After opening a saved .nxtImage file of the rendering
  3. While the rendering is in progress 
     Read the full Article

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Announcing Archon Tech Strategies

Archon Tech Strategies, an Indianapolis-based technology solution that assists its customers with communication, acceleration, and productivity, announced today it will add 31 new employees to its rapidly growing company.

Announced today, Archon Tech Strategies, a technology solution company that assists its customers with communication, acceleration, and productivity, will be hiring 31 new employees to join its existing team of employees. Between Archon Tech Strategies and its sister company, ArchonSafe, 51 new jobs will be created. Combined, the two companies will invest up to $1.1M in support of the hirings as part of Indiana’s Economic Development Corporation’s EDGE tax credits.
Archon’s technology solutions provide its customers with new ways to interact within their industry with their suppliers, within their organizations, and with their own customers. The Archon mobile platform allows a company with mobile app needs to rapidly create and scale custom software. The leadership and experience of Archon Tech has led to cutting-edge ideas and developments aimed at improving the communication and operating efficiencies of organizations through app development, as well as the creation of new businesses.

“We’re extremely pleased with the growth and success Archon Tech Strategies is experiencing not only for our own company, but for our customers” said Tony Unfried, Founder and CEO of Archon Tech Strategies. "We’re ready to further our mission by adding a significant number of full-time employees right here in Indiana. Our team is proud to call Indiana home and we are grateful to the IEDC for their support in helping us achieve our company goals."

“Indiana is seeing a strong trend of growth in the technology sector today, supported by homegrown companies like ArchonSafe and Archon Tech Strategies,” said Jim Schellinger, president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. “Hoosiers across our state, like the teams at these two innovative companies, are developing high-tech concepts and advancing the industry, which provides more than 77,000 Hoosier jobs in central Indiana alone. Technology jobs in Indianapolis area are growing three times faster than the national average, and that dramatic growth is a direct result of our Hoosier workforce and an Indiana business climate designed for success.”

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation offered Archon Tech Strategies (in conjunction with its sister company, ArchonSafe) up to $385,000 in conditional tax credits based on the company’s job creation plans. These tax credits are performance-based, meaning until Hoosiers are hired, the company is not eligible to claim incentives. Archon Tech Strategies is hiring for multiple positions across the business. Interested applicants should apply at:

Archon Tech Strategies:

Indianapolis-based Archon Tech Strategies was founded in 2010 and provides technology solutions that are flexible and customizable to meet customer’s needs by bridging communication, acceleration, and productivity. By integrating and deploying platforms, the company seamlessly connects consulting and training to businesses. For more information:

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Rendering Tip - Select IES Patterns

Many rendering packages provide easy access to 30 standard IES Patterns which you can apply to lights.

Here are samples of 6 of them.
You can easily select one of these patterns and render your model using it.
IES light files are created by many major lighting manufacturers and can be downloaded freely from their sites.
IRender nXt also provides 30 standard IES Light profiles which can be used to create many standard lighting shapes.